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Satisfaction through Inspiration

How are you with finding inspiration? I find it in other artists work, music and pretty much anything positive around me. Everyone has their own devices in discovering what works for them. I am inspired by photographers who travel and photograph the beauties of the world. From the amazing glaciers to the less fortunate faces of the poor. I haven’t been able to travel overseas due to illness and so for the past 2 years 6 months I have been seeing the world via the eyes of other photographers. And it’s been just as satisfying.

I have made great connections with other photographers via social media and what a blessing it has been building relationships without even meeting them in person, but through their images, I feel as if I know a whole lot about each of them. I have yet to meet up with a few photographers in my own hometown Gold Coast and Brisbane. I’m always being invited to group catch ups for morning or evening photo shoots, but something always pops up. I will make it to a meet and greet soon.

However, I have been busy with other photography work, retouching and editing for overseas companies, that at least keeps my editing skills in tact and up to date. I have also committed myself to keeping my website updated, which I did neglect for about 6 months. I have noticed most photography websites concentrate on solely sharing their own work but I have steered away from that and have begun sharing other photographers works. Adding either their personal websites or their URL’s via their accounts on Bēhance or Fine Art America. I know! You’re probably asking “Why are you promoting other photographers?”.

It’s simple really, I want to share the beauty and talent of others to anyone and everyone who visits my website. Being kind, giving and sharing is my personality, ask anyone who knows me. It makes me happy to not only help myself but others. Caring is Sharing! shouldn’t only be a saying slash quote, but an action! We need to not only say and speak but to follow through with what we do about it. Actions speak louder than words. So lately I have been jotting down other lists of pages I want to add to my website, if you have any suggestions, I’d be happy to take note of your suggestions in the comments section.

I have also built and designed my own website from scratch, so I’m really chuffed with myself. I had used altogether 3 hosting sites but have now found a great one that I have been with for a year now and have had no problems with and it’s affordable. It’s been a while since I last posted here on my Blog but I finally remembered my username and password hahaha!!… So many accounts, usernames and passwords can get very confusing. So before I sign off I would love for you to visit my website. Please share and like it on your other social media sites and keep in mind that you won’t be only helping me but other photographers on my page as well.

God bless xox


Snapper Rocks


Fear Of Heights

At the end of the day, some you win, some you don’t. So I’m glad that I’m here with some friends that I know. Always there with a smile, saying you’re not alone. Say it la la la la caesura.

My daughter has been walking around the house singing this jovial song. She attended her school camp last week and came back a totally different person. She was so excited to let me know that she had over come her fear of heights. The camp supervisors and instructors had a number of activities set for the 3 days that all the students were there.

The children all participated in “Team” activities. My daughter was the first to raise her hand and join the opposition team to balance out the numbers and she said that the instructor praised her for doing so. He said that she was the first one to take the first step in team participation. I was so proud of her, because it’s something I would’ve done and it felt good that in doing that, she reflected what we have taught her. Be a part of something good.

She then went on to telling me that she attempted to take part in all the activities, even if was only once. She is terrified of heights and I was so worried for her after reading her school letter. All the students were asked to take a camera along to the camp, I was happy with that, being a photographer, I love making record of events such as that. So she scrolled through her camera and played a video that her friend had recorded for her.

And there she was, on the high rope with her safety gear on and walking along so confidently. She took her time but she had completed the task and as a parent it was amazing to watch my empowering child reach the end of her fear. It was over! And I found myself hugging her so tightly, kissing her head and face and congratulating her on her achievement. She stood there laughing and saying “Mum, I can’t breathe!”.

She did say that if it weren’t for the encouragement of her friends and her team, she probably wouldn’t have taken that leap of faith. She’s known her friends since we moved here to the Gold Coast, since she was 6 years old. This is their final year together at school and her best and closest friend will be attending a different school next year. However, they have promised to keep in contact. So this is the reason why I haven’t minded her singing this song repeatedly.

At the end of the day, some you win, some you don’t. So I’m glad that I’m here with some friends that I know. Always there with a smile, saying you’re not alone. Say it la la la la caesura.

This time around, She WON!!

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Face Of Radio Metro 2014

As a parent, I’m always looking out for my daughters best interest. And as an Aunty I’m continuously supportive of my nieces and nephews interests. On Sunday 20th July, we attended my nephew Tré modelling competition to be the Face of Radio Metro, a popular modern day radio station here on the Gold Coast. We were all excited that he had made it through to the finals amongst countless others who had applied. It came down to the final twelve contestants, six female and six male. And to also mention that it was his very first modelling competition EVER!

Tré was also the youngest (16 years) while the other models were mature and experienced. We were all so nervous for him, but I could tell that he was just as nervous. I’ve been photographing Tré since he was knee high and last year I spoke to his mother, my sister-in-law about encouraging him to enter modelling competitions, more so for a confidence booster as well as his charming good looks. So I started up again taking portrait photos of him 2 years ago and I would post his photos on my Facebook page for family and friends to view. It was so nice to receive the support from everyone else, including his peers at school, as I would tag him.

The crowd at the finals were such a cheerful bunch, supporting and cheering not only for their own but for all twelve finalist, it was a great atmosphere. I sat to the side taking photos of each model and took some awesome ones. Tré was so nervous that he pretty  much ran on and off the stage for the first strut on the catwalk, I must say that it was funny. There were three heats, the first being “Presentation”, “Swim Wear” and “Casual Wear”. I noticed that he slowed his pace down and enjoyed the second and third round. He also looked over my way a lot, giving me a good range of photos to add to his portfolio. And not that I told him too, but that he’s so comfortable now with a camera in his face.

We were all so proud of him for sending in his own application, passing GO at the interview and gathering up the courage to walk the runway in front of a crowd of 80+ people. Tré did not win the male model “Face of Radio Metro”, however I think he won the most important and that was the “Listeners Choice” award. He gained the most votes online from the radio stations listeners. So if you see this face on the front cover of magazines, posters etc. remember that you read about his very first modelling experience here on Hina DT Photography’s blog.

Have a Good Day!!

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