Have A Good Day

I wonder how many of you tell yourself to have a good day. My brother dropped off my two nieces yesterday evening for the weekend and this morning my 6 year old niece said to me “Did you know Aunty, that when you tell yourself that you’re going to have a good day, then YOU WILL have a good day!”. I had a little giggle to myself and replied “Oh Darling, how did you get so clever!?”. Out of the mouths of babes. We adults can also learn a lot from the simple minds of children.

Both my nieces went on, to informing me that they are doing a “Negative Fast”. Only speaking good and positive things about everything in general. Not that I hear them say anything bad or nasty but it will teach them how to look at a negative and turn it into a positive. I remember growing up with my siblings and singing a song and the punch line was J.O.Y…Jesus first and Yourself last and Others in between. How true is it? That when you place God first in all things, then everything else will fall into place, giving you absolute JOY in your life.

After telling my 6 year old niece that we are hitting the beach she replied “Wow! My positive thinking is working Aunty, I told myself that I was going to have a good day and it’s just getting better”. She is so adorable and loves to talk all the time, even in her sleep ha! So we headed out to the beach and we had such a great day, making sand castles, climbing trees, playing on the playground then finishing off with a walk. I also managed to squeeze in a quick portrait photo shoot with the girls. My daughter loves her cousins, she said to me that today was the first time that she didn’t need to interrupt a disagreement ha!

Give it a go! Tell yourself each morning that you’re going to have a good day and whenever a negative gets in the way, walk away, breathe and turn it into a positive. I know! Easier said than done, but then again Practice makes perfect to eliminate the negative and extenuate the positive. 


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Best Wishes To Have A Happy Life

I’ve always enjoyed photographing people. There’s nothing better than seeing the smiles on peoples faces, the love between two people and their children, it NEVER gets boring. Some tend to walk through life missing the little things that matter the most. Is it because we tire from repeating everyday activities such as work? Or worrying about financial commitments etc.?

I’m forever taking photos of my family, immediate and extended and I don’t just leave them filed away on my computer or on my hard drive. But instead I print the ones that holds great significance in the happiest memories and put them into an album that’s left on my coffee table to look through. I also create hard cover books to look at whenever I want too.

It’s also great to frame photos and collages that you create and either hang them on the wall or have a specific place e.g. foyer table to place on top for display. My husband without a miss, will always notice new photos within our house and I love how it puts a lovely smile on his face. When our daughter turned 10 years old, I put together a “This is Your Life” timeline book for her with photos of when she was a new born to Kindergarten to her first day at primary school etc. She absolutely loves it and when her friends come over, she proudly shows them her book.

If you haven’t tried doing this or you’ve been planning to print some of your family photos but continue to procrastinate, well I have news for you. Tomorrow is a new day! Start with going through your thousands of digital photos and copy and paste into an album labelled “HAPPY LIFE PRINTS”. Meaning that, every 6 months you’re going to revisit that album and print a few for either a photo album, a book or to put on the wall. And when you’ve picked and printed your chosen photos, then you can delete it. Not to worry, your original copy is still in it’s original file/album that you copied it from.

Seeing photos of your family is a great calming mechanism after a hard days work. It reminds you of why you do what you do, each day you walk out that door and back in again. Everyone wishes to have a happy life, but to really live happily is to surround yourself with what makes you happy.

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The Best Things In Life Are FREE…

The best things in life are free is such a true quote. Most people are looking for exquisite locations to take great photos, but when you look at the most prominent photographs that are taken for magazines such as Geographic, are in third world countries, of it’s landscape and people. In my opinion, most great photographs taken are right outside your doorstep. I’m originally from New Zealand, where the landscape is amazing! whether you’re in the North or South Island. You get the absolute crisp mornings, giving a mist like sunrise and the sunsets are just as beautiful.

I now live on the sunny Gold Coast and the astonishing sunrises and sunsets I’ve captured are truly mind blowing. Most times I think the crème de la crème shots have been missed when I stop shooting just to gaze in wonderment. I love sitting with my husband and daughter to watch nightfall/sunsets. It’s the closing of a day and knowing that the best things in Life are free.