My Grandmother
My Grandmother


My name is Hina David-Tahiri and I’m 39 years of age, marriedto my husband for 13 years and we have the one child. I was born in Auckland, New Zealand in 1975, the eldest child of 2 sisters and 4 brothers. My parents are from the beautiful Island of Manihiki, Cook Islands, well known for it’s production in cultivating black pearls. I was named after my grandmother Hina Kauta Tauariki Metu nee Marsters from the beautiful Islands of Palmerston and Penrhyn, Cook Islands.

I mentioned my grandmother because my love for photos started with her. Since I was knee high she would always make an appointment with the local photographer to take a family portraiture whenever we would visit her, down South of the North Island. I would always look forward to having our photo taken. Mama would have scones baked and a pot of tea for us to have with the company of the photographer after our photo shoot. Mama had a wall in her house specifically for her framed photos. She loved her family so dearly and I guess it was her way of dealing with missing them all.

I studied Photography in Bursary Art studies at High School and the rest is all self taught. I studied 2 other subjects via Correspondence and passed, hence the discipline in self learning. Although my love and passion was for Art, I however followed my career into the medical field in Nursing. I nursed for 7 years before having our daughter and drew the short straw and became the Home Maker (Executive Mum). Over the years I have taken photos at family and friends special occasions, also taking family portraitures, landscape, seascape, nightscape, street art and many more. At the moment I’ve come away from the wedding photography scene but I’ve really enjoyed landscape photography as well as doing the occasional portrait photos.

I also enjoy music, who doesn’t! I had sung in the school choir in High School and went on tour to Sydney Australia for the International Secondary School competition, representing Auckland in 1991 and winning the overall competition. I went on to joining a band in Auckland for 11 years before making the move to the Gold Coast, Australia in 2008.

I started this site to share my life, my work, my love and my passion for photography. If you would like to share the journey, please save this awesome site in your Favourites bar.

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