The Best Things In Life Are FREE…

The best things in life are free is such a true quote. Most people are looking for exquisite locations to take great photos, but when you look at the most prominent photographs that are taken for magazines such as Geographic, are in third world countries, of it’s landscape and people. In my opinion, most great photographs taken are right outside your doorstep. I’m originally from New Zealand, where the landscape is amazing! whether you’re in the North or South Island. You get the absolute crisp mornings, giving a mist like sunrise and the sunsets are just as beautiful.

I now live on the sunny Gold Coast and the astonishing sunrises and sunsets I’ve captured are truly mind blowing. Most times I think the crème de la crème shots have been missed when I stop shooting just to gaze in wonderment. I love sitting with my husband and daughter to watch nightfall/sunsets. It’s the closing of a day and knowing that the best things in Life are free.


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